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The AUD Union Democracy Worker Education Project: workshops, classes, conferences, and resources.

Now online: Audio from the AUD Conference
Confronting Corruption in Labor Unions
Listen to and discuss the experiences and ideas of unionists and government-appointed trustees on the efforts to rid unions of mob influence and corruption. updated 4/26/07

Upcoming events sponsored by AUD.

AUD Workshops, Conferences and Classes: education and organizing assistance for rank and file union members, reform groups, officers, and activists available from AUD.

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Our method: how we use popular education for union democracy; with a short bibliography.

Sample activities: an example from our work with union members.

Resources and links for worker educators.

Education FAQs: questions and answers about the Union Democracy Worker Education Project

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Organizing for Democracy and Power on the Job and in the Union

A National Education Program Sponsored by the Association for Union Democracy

Help us build a democratic movement, join AUD

AUD started the Union Democracy Worker Education Project in 1999 in response to an increasing demand for democratic, organizing-oriented education from union activists, members, and officers.

The Union Democracy Worker Education Project is designed to help rank and file union members become better activists and organizers, by providing education in legal rights and organizing methods and techniques. We offer workshops, conferences, classes and publications for union members and union representatives and officers who want to build a strong and democratic union movement.

The Union Democracy Worker Education Project is an independent alternative to union sponsored worker education programs. We teach the skills unionists need to build union power on the job, but we also teach how to organize for democracy and power in the union. Because we are independent, we can provide education that includes free and open discussion of internal union problems and strategies and tactics of reform, without fear of retribution.

We are non-partisan: AUD teaches the principles and practices of democratic unionism to any union activist who wants to learn. While we are firmly committed to democracy and member control, we do not impose our particular recipe for union reform -- we believe that it is the job of the union members themselves to reflect, strategize, and take action to solve the problems they face. Our job is to help you do that.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail if you are interested, 718-564-1114 .

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