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"The Association for Union Democracy is a rare organization run by people who truly believe in protecting the rights of federal employees to participate in their labor union freely, openly, and fairly.

Our unions are vital to our rights in the workplace and AUD is vital to insuring that labor unions are democratic and just. Please pledge a contribution to AUD in the CFC this year."

John Riordan
First Vice President AFGE Council 220, Employee of the SSA

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Federal Employees Right to Know

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Association for Union Democracy CFC Code 11741

Dear Federal or Postal Service Employee:

This year's Combined Federal Campaign is about to begin. We hope that you will choose the Association for Union Democracy (AUD) as one of the organizations to receive your donations under the payroll deduction plan. Please note our CFC Code Number: 11741. If you have chosen AUD before, accept our thanks for your continued support. We need you. We would be grateful if you would spread the word to your colleagues at work.

Your donations to AUD can do double duty. You help others, and you could be helping yourself. As you support the rights of others, you help strengthen your own rights by defending democracy in all unions, perhaps even your own. In this connection, we remind you that your union is required to inform all members of their rights in the union under federal law, and that notification must be repeated at least every three years. If your union website or publication already posts information on your democratic rights under federal law, it is probably as a result of legal action by unionists who were advised and aided by the Association for Union Democracy.

As you may know, the U.S. Department of Labor was induced to adopt this ruling after years of campaigning by AUD, including petitions to the DOL, a suit in Federal court, sponsored by AUD, which compelled unions in private industry to obey the law, and finally a request by AUD to the DOL that it direct federal employee unions to do the same. (Federal Employees Right to Know) This is the kind of work your contributions will make possible, but there is more.

On this website you can read of the public employees, nurses, transit workers, construction workers, longshore workers, and many others whose stories we have told and whom we have advised in their battles for union democracy. (If you want more information, we'll be happy to send you our annual report on request. You can also see AUD's form 990 on Guidestar.) This year, by the way, at the request of members of one federal employee union, we examined the whole text of their union constitution to help them make it more democratic. (P.S. On the whole, we found the original text rather good.)

AUD is a non-partisan, non-political, civil liberties organization which focuses on the rights of union members to fair elections, free speech, fair hiring procedures, and due process in trials. We maintain that members should have roughly the same rights in their unions as they have in our country as citizens of the United States. And so over the years, AUD has advised thousands of union activists, officers, caucuses, and group on what their rights are under the law and how to enforce them.

Unions which respect the rights of their members will themselves be respected and will be stronger and more effective. And we are convinced that stronger and more democratic unions are good for our country. The members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board are people with experience as union activists, union leaders, workers rights attorneys, civil libertarians, and educators.

One last word: AUD depends upon people like you. We get no money from government, or from big corporations, nor, try as we might, from rich foundations. We are not boasting of this simple fact, merely reporting! We rely upon unionists, civil libertarians, and partisans of ordinary fair play. Can we count on you to select AUD? And remember, you can do even more painlessly: Spread the word, tell your colleagues at work about AUD, and urge them to join with you in choosing AUD.

Thank you again for your support.

Yours for union democracy,
Herman Benson, Judith Schneider, Kurt Richwerger, Matt Noyes

(Note: please tell us when you give
Several federal employees who have authorized donations to AUD under the salary deduction plan of the Combined Federal Campaign have complained that they have received no acknowledgement from us. We want to acknowledge and thank you, but unless federal employees authorize the CFC to release their names to us, we never know who gives through this program, and we never know how much the donor gives even if the name is released. We receive CFC payments in a lump sum amount, and no names are associated with the amount. For those that have authorized it, names are made available to us through a website, but we know that the names released to us are less than the total. If any of your colleagues complain to you, please explain and ask them to contact us directly.)

You can also contribute online via our secure credit card service. If you want to contribute offline, give us a call at 718-564-1114 , or write us at AUD, 104 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11225; USA.

AUD Wins Campaign for Federal Employees Right to Know

Section 105 of the LMRDA requires unions in the private sector to inform members of the provisions of federal law protecting their rights. But it is enforceable only by private suit. A bill is pending in Congress that would authorize the Labor Department to enforce Section 105. Meanwhile, however, the Civil Service Reform Act gives exclusive authority to the Labor Department over democratic rights for Federal employee unionists. The following letter was submitted to Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao by AUD attorney Arthur Fox.

Dear Secretary Chao:

By letter dated April 5, several legal scholars and I submitted on behalf of AUD a rule making petition to close a loophole in the Department's regulations implementing the Civil Service Reform Act .... More specifically, we requested you promptly to require unions representing Federal employees to inform members about their democratic right within their unions, just as all other union operating in the private sector are required to do by Section 105 of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act ....

While the petition can hardly be said to be controversial, nonetheless it seems to be languishing somewhere within the Department .... To date our rule making petition has neither been granted nor denied; rather, it hangs in limbo. Needless to say, while we hope you will grant the petition, we would at least appreciate your taking action on it, in one way or the other.

Arthur Fox
for the Association for Union Democracy

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