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This website is made possible by contributions from union members and supporters like you. Please help us build the movement for union democracy.
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This website is made possible by contributions from union members and supporters like you. Please help us build the movement for union democracy.
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AUDLinks -- rank-and-file and reform websites

NOTE: this page is no longer updated. Most of the links are dead. Please see for updated links. To see archived versions of the websites listed below, use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

We provide these links to facilitate contact, research, and dialogue. Links do not indicate affiliation with AUD or AUD's endorsement of the site or its contents. Links do indicate our support for free speech and open discussion among unionists of different points of view. (See "Using the Internet for Union Democracy".)
We add links as they come to our attention; you can help by suggesting websites. Please link to and urge others to do the same. Dead links? Let us know. (Archive of dead/inactive links at bottom of page.)

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Rank-and-File and Reform Websites and Lists, alphabetical by industry.

Automobile Workers; Boilermakers; Brewery Workers; Bricklayers; Carpenters; Communication Workers; Electrical Workers; Flight Attendants; Food and Commercial; Hotel and Restaurant; Hospital; Ironworkers; Laborers; Longshore and Warehouse; Mechanics and Machinists; Musicians; Operating Engineers; Painters; Pilots; Plumbers and Pipefitters; Postal Workers; Public Employees; Railway; Seafarers and Mariners;Service Employees; Sheet Metal Workers; Steelworkers; Teachers; Teamsters; Theatrical and Stage, Screen Actors; Transit and Transport; Textile and Needle Trades; University Faculty and Staff; Writers. General union sites.

for a list of official union sites:
for a collection of RSS feeds from sites listed below:

See also the new AUD Blogroll with links and feeds from rank and file blogs.

General sites:

  • Uncharted. "On our new site, we will continue to inform, expose, educate. We will continue to provide a venue for discussion and the free exchange of views among people who work for a living. We will encourage people to publish their news and their stories and promote their interests." (Successor to Members for Democracy)

Automobile Workers:

  • American Axle Union Employees. This group will hopefully bring union employees from all of the AAM plants together to discuss management policies, union representation, or contract issues.
  • AAM Local 424 "a forum where members of American Axle and Manufacturing Inc. Local 424 may discuss issues and post documents germane to the UAW Local 424 general membership."
  • Autoworkers Online.
  • The Barking Dog / El Perro Ladrador / Ang Asong Kumakahol.   "An unofficial newsletter put out by Caroline Lund, a rank-and-file member of UAW Local 2244 at the New United Motor Manuf., Inc. (NUMMI) plant in Fremont, CA." NOTE: we are sad to report that Caroline Lund recently passed away (11/2/06)
  • CAWLocal "I feel I am forced into taking a stand because the CAW & DCX seem to be attempting to restrict my right to free speech by refusing to allow me to state my unique perspectives on the issues of the day."
  • Change Your Union - the People's Party of Local 1853. "It is our goal to change the role of the Chairman and get the rest of the E-Board re-focused on their real job.......representing the people that they work for....that would be you and I, the members of Local 1853."
  • Factory Rats. "Your dynamic voice for solidarity."
  • Flint Solidarity. "a group of rank and file, grassroots individuals from the Flint area, who have gathered to take action to support workers in their struggles for justice"
  • Future of the Union. "We want to promote knowledge to all members so that they can effectively govern their unions. Only by realizing that times have changed can we competently take the steps to direct our unions into the new millennia." A site for members of all unions.
  • GM Gypsy. "Blue collar workers who would otherwise be isolated to their own local problems with corporate irresponsibility, can now reach across the internet to each other in solidarity."
  • Live Bait and Ammo and In the Crosshairs. Writings by Greg Shotwell "the #1 activist/writer in the UAW"
  • MMNA Members Network Portal. "for the enjoyment of, and as a networking resource for members of [UAW local 2488]."
  • Meatballs. " a newsletter put out occasionally at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) of DaimlerChrysler...mainly directed to the skilled trades but many issues are relevant to all union members in the plant, the corporation, industry and society."
  • Members for Change, UAW Local 974. "an attempt to form a coalition of grass roots inspire and inform UAW members and other unionists, as well as non union working people concerned about the economic future of all working people."
  • New Directions Movement. NDM's purpose is to strengthen the UAW from within by building an educated, unified movement of rank and file UAW members.
  • The Offbeat.
  • Phillip Bannowsky - Autoworker. "Dismemberment and Redemption on assembly lines, in immigrant ghettos, and in the prison cells of Delaware."
  • Quorum 325. "a web page edited by Dennis Gallie for the autoworkers of UAW Local 325"
  • Soldiers of Solidarity. "Dedicated to those who are the Warriors in the struggle for justice on the shop floor... I will post events, resources and articles in order to arm you with the ammuntion to stand against Managements schemes."
  • Soldiers of Solidarity Unite. "dedicated to the Warriors of the shop floor. You will find here information, knowledge that will help you in your workplace."
  • Solidarity Now. "a network of ordinary working people coming together on the shared values of solidarity and common good."
  • The Sophie Flyer by Tom Laney, Local 879 . Flyers and links to speeches and a rank-and-file message board.
  • The Uncensored Auto Worker, Local 594 dissenter. "A "Union gathering" for visiting Members. It is NOT an official publication of Local 594, but it DOES represent a free assembly."
  • The Union Times. "To inform, educate, provide useful information, and to Unite all our American Axle and Manufacturing Brothers and Sisters nationally and Internationally. This is YOUR site. Your participation is crucial to our success."
  • Union Members for a Better Union. Website of a reform group in UAW local 12 in Toledo.
  • Union Members Rights.
  • Unofficial UAW
  • UAW Crisis. "change is in the air"
  • UAW Forum.
  • UAW Info. This web site is for all UAW members or Non- UAW member Countrywide that would like to post their personal opinion on how they been treated throughout the years as an employee
  • UAW Local 1976 Info. "August 31, 2005 marks the 2,500th visitor... An International UAW staffer...has won a copy of On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt for helping us past this benchmark. This is a most appropriate gift for an UAW staffer, though s/he may know more about the subject than Professor Frankfurt."
  • UAW Rank-N-File E-mail & Discussion Lists. A list maintaned by Future of the Union's Todd M. Jordan
  • UAW Wildcats. "a rank-and-file democracy group dedicated, in the strongest possible terms, to the future of OUR UNION."
  • Willie Lambert. "My name is Willie Lambert and I'm asking for your support in my bid to be elected CAW National President."
  • Working4Writers. A campaign website for members of the National Writers Union.


Brewery Workers:

  • No More Tiers. "dedicated to the elimination of multi-tier, discriminatory wage policies based on any grounds (race, religion, age, sex, sexual-orientation, regular employee compliment numbers, core numbers), and all other forms of corporate voodoo aimed at the division of the working class."


  • Bricklayers Members for Union Democracy. "To educate, inform, motivate and organize members into action… restore Union Democracy and Member Rights… act as a deterrent against… corruption… promote the representation, prosperity and advancement of BAC Local # 3 NY and… all of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers... "


  • Carpenters for a Democratic Union International (CDUI). International rank and file caucus of members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.
  • CDUI Blog. A weblog by members of Carpenters for a Democratic Union International.
  • CDU-TRC Blog. For members of the Tennessee Regional Council of Carpenters. "What we need here is some good ol' fire-barrel bull..."
  • Carpenters' Discussion List.   "An open e-mail network, discussion forum for Union Carpenters With no censorship of ideas or of politics."
  • Carpenters Local 370 Voice. "Join us in the fight to take back our Local and return it to a Democratic body"
  • Carpentersunionbc. Website of carpenters in British Columbia that "offers... information and encourages networking to promote union democracy, to explore the virtual union meeting, to further the radical centre, and to have a bit of fun in the process, carpe diem."
  • Gangbox. A long running discussion list for carpenters and other trades. The website:; The listservs:;
  • Jawin. An online discussion forum for Carpenters.
  • Local ..."the only organizing we need to engage in at this juncture is to switch our books out of the Eastern Washington Trust's jurisdiction and associated local halls to a different trust..."
  • Local "...original content written specifically for New York City union carpenters designed to help rank and file union members become better union activists."
  • MAC OUT. "A Retirees Advocacy group in NYC that seeks to protect and restore the rights of all members, Active and Retired."
  • Millwright. Yahoo Group "to network, share information, ideas, technologies, and processes, vent, some ranting, whatever. All to the betterment of the craft and the craftsman. Journeymen and apprentices are welcome. You got a problem? I'm sure that someone here can handle it!
  • Piledrivers in Local 34. Unofficial site for members of piledrivers local 34, Oakland/SanFrancisco California.
  • UBC Members. An open e-mail network, discussion forum for Union Carpenters With no censorship of ideas or of politics.
  • Union Millwrights and Machine Erectors. "A Ron Oliver Production. A Chartered Member Of The Gravy Sucking Pigs. A Life Time Member Of The World Class Millwright Association. Proud Member Of The Union Millwrights"
  • UNIONPLAINFACTS. "dedicated to informing the members of the irregularities and injustices committed by the Carpenters Union, and hopefully help them along the way in getting to better understand their rights as a Carpenters Union member."
  • WASHINGTON D.C. CARPENTERS FOR A DEMOCRATIC UNION. "WE ARE loyal UBC members, working on change within the system, to return control to the rank and file..."
  • You are the U in UBC. "An INFORMED MEMBERSHIP is a POWERFUL MEMBERSHIP. It is YOUR future! You can either direct it YOURSELF, or leave it to OTHERS to direct it for YOU!"

Communications Workers

  • Cingular CWA members. Yahoo Group "for Cingular Employee Union Local 4202 Members to Organize and start forcing CWA to represent it's DUES PAYING MEMBERS instead of Cingular as it has been doing in the past."
  • "DUES NEWS" Adventures in Solidarity. "THE WEB SITE FOR THE REST OF US (The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & the Indifferent), owned by Mike Drake Member & 'Defrocked' Shop Steward of CWA Loco 9510, Orange County, CA."
  • Linda Sexton "The history, documents and analysis provided here reveal the ugliness that has crept into our Union."
  • Optical Workers. "in no way affiliated with Local 408, Optical Workers Union, IUE-CWA. although it is the main topic...[we are] committed to the Union Members Bill of Rights."
  • Voices for Change. "an independent site that supports the Telecommunications Workers Union [Canada] and its members. [with] historical information about the TWU, information on the structure of the TWU, Rank-and-File and Shop Steward educational material, Historical Timeline of Telephone Workers in BC... and a whole lot more!"

Electrical Workers

  • Brother Ed Connor III's IBEW website." I believe that “We” are the IBEW and it will be up to us to spread the information and not rely on the International to make it easier to find opportunities to improve our way of life."
  • Brother Joe Hughes. "dedicated to the hard working men and women of the IBEW. I will fight for your rights, your dignity and your FUTURE!!!"
  • Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' Mindless Blather. "Provided by IBEW MEMBERS for IBEW MEMBERS. BUILDING A STRONGER BROTHERHOOD."
  • Electrical Workers Minority Coalition. "Minority members of the IBEW came together in 1974 and formed the EWMC. This site is an unoffical vehicle to foster communications between its diverse members."
  • IBEW Communications Web. "This web site was created for brothers and sisters to communicate with each other."
  • IBEW. "List for electricians, linemen, and all other electrical workers."
  • IBEW Forums. "IBEW, Labor Union, Legal and Job Information and Communications provided by and for IBEW Journeyman Wiremen and Apprentices"
  • IBEW Minuteman. "to provide our brothers and sisters with the information and resources needed to help preserve our great brotherhood as our forefathers had intended it. You will also find information on your rights as a Union Member and American Citizen under Federal Labor Law." 
  • IBEW Newez. "hosted and maintained by Darrell IBEW electrician living and working in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada for Local 894."
  • IBEWX. "to stimulate discussion concerning ANYTHING related to UNION discussion . You do not have to be a member of the IBEW to join this list."
  • La Lubu. "The Goddess Who Runs With the Wolves, currently in the guise of a sicilian single mama in central Illinois."
  • Local 3. Created in response to an "undemocratic illegal electoral abuse," this Yahoo Group is "open to all in the House of Labor."
  • Members for a Stronger Local Union. "A vehicle for members to communicate freely and openly...This local union needs the members to be involved, very badly."
    *Honorable Mention in AUD's 2005 best rank-and-file website contest
  • My Local 3. "an unofficial website for IBEW Local#3 electricians in NYC made by members for the members."
  • Never Give Up. "Created by Brother Tim Mitchinson, of IBEW LU 303 Niagara Region, Ont. Canada... dedicated to the IBEW Members whose sacrifices once secured our livelihood. It appears our leaders today are willing to concede their hard won gains!"
  • Oracle Social Club. "to foster friendship and social activity."
  • Our Local 353. "unofficial website for IBEW 353 in Toronto, Canada."
  • Short Circuits. Larry Sauger's site for IBEW members "to make this a more member-friendly union, to let you know about your rights as a member, to answer some of your questions about how this union is supposed to work, to help you become a more informed member."
  • Tramp Tools. "Tools and Information for the Tramp Wireman"
  • Women in Construction. "I am a female electrician with over 22 years in this industry…This site is intended to assist, educate and inform others about the world of women in the construction industry...please, spread the word to your other lady coworkers and interested proteges, let's network!"
  • Union Voices. A forum for members of IBEW Local #26, Washington D.C.
  • The Unofficial IBEW Members Information Page. Includes a great list of IBEW websites, both independent and official.

Flight Attendants:

Food and Commercial Workers:

  • Dover Union Resources. Web page of members of UFCW Local 56 in Delaware, "to provide information and create unity."
  • Grocery Workers Forum - We are Reborn to Bring Accountability to the UFCW in California. A Community of California Grocery Workers Seeking Strength. We are the membership and the reform movement of UFCW Local 8 Golden State and the reform movement of UFCW Local 5 - UFCW Local 101 - UFCW Local 648
  • UFCW Members for Democracy. "Taking back our unions and engaging the future...We are people-who-work helping other people-who-work take back their unions. We started out as a reform movement within the Canadian UFCW but have expanded our focus to the broader community of workers." (See the MFD archive at
    *Second Place in AUD's 2005 best rank-and-file website contest (Now moved to
  • UFCW Reform. "We're a group of UFCW members form across North America who are proud to stand in solidarity with our fellow workers; but who are ashamed of and outraged by the bloated bureaucracy, and the corruption that exists within the UFCW International and several of its affiliated locals."
  • The Campaign to Elect Russ Blunden UFCW Local 951 Presidency Web site.
  • William's Web. "A home for the blue-collared workers and workers of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 777, (aka The United Fraud and Corruption Workers Union local 777) that are unhappy with the representation that we have been getting."

Hotel and Restaurant Workers:

  • H.E.A.R.D. Hotel Employee Advocates for Real Democracy. "to promote communication between ALL hotel union members working in New York City. This includes... HERE Local 6, O.P.E.I.U. Local 153, IUOE Locals 94 & 94a, and Painters Local 1422." *3rd Place in AUD's 2004 best rank-and-file website contest
  • HERETIC.  The rank and file caucus of members of the Hotel & Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE). 
  • UNITE-HERE San Diego Members for Democracy. "working together to build a stronger and more democratic union."

Hospital Workers/Nurses:

  • New England Baptist Hospital Worker. A site for rank and file hospital workers at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, Mass.
  • NYSNA Nurses for Unity. "a grass roots caucus of NYSNA members and leaders who are also members of the UAN...we do not purport to represent the official views of either NYSNA or the UAN."
  • Unofficially OPEIU 30. "intended to be a relevent source for information of interest for members of the Office and Professional Employee's International Union, Local 30 as well as all union interested people"
  • SEIU Voice. "created by members of SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW) to provide a source of information to the public about our efforts to get our national union, SEIU, back on the right path.



  • Chicago Laborers District Council unofficial site. "unofficial yet authoritative source of accurate information for rank and file by rank and file"
  • Connecticut Laborers District Council. A Laborers for Justice site, "to provide members with easy access to ...information to help them exercise their right of self governance."
  • Laborers for Justice. "Most up-to-date and comprehensive site of Laborers reformers."
  • Laborers Yahoo Group. "for reporting of corruption in LIUNA and discussion of proposed election rules for 2006 Laborers International Union of North America with email capability to members, file storage of official documents in different formats, database of Labor Management Report information, polling and calendaring capability"
  • Unofficial Laborers Local 435. "Unofficial site of Rochester Laborers local 435. (a Laborers for Justice site)"
  • Laborers, LIUNA - an unofficial look at the Laborers Union. "members of the Laborers International Union of North America who firmly believe that our members have a right to know all relevant and pertinent information pertaining to the governance of the Laborers Union."

Longshore and Warehouse:

  • ILA Rank and File. "An organization of ILA members who came together
    around our recent contract negotiations to fight for a just contract."
  • ILWU-List. "an unofficial, rank-and-file run discussion list. Subscribers should be ILWU members 18 years of age or older. If you believe in free speech... then speak!"
  • ILWU Local 19. The unofficial website for Local 19 of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in Seattle, Washington.
  • Longshore Workers' Coalition LWC. "movement of ILA members and retirees organizing to build a stronger and more democratic longshore union."
  • The Harbor Herald. " The Harbor Herald is a newsletter that was started over two years ago to bring the membership information about local 333 [tug boat operators] and the questionable activities of your union officials."
  • The Rusty Hook. Website of the Seattle, Washington ILWU-Pension Club.
  • Voice of the Membership. Website of William Harrigan, executive board member in ILA local 333.


  • Airline Workers United. "an industry focused organization for members of NWA flight attendants and ground workers, union members at other airlines (United and American), and other labor activists..."(AWU).
  • Democracy for Bath Shipbuilders. "The members of Local S/6 of the International Association of Machinist and Aero Space Workers are in an epic battle for Democracy with our International Union."
  • FAQuorum. "This site has given individuals the opportunity to delve deeper into what is actually happening in regards to the rights of the members of the IAM&AW particularly LL2339N and District Lodge 142 and the District Lodge elections currently in progress."
  • Free 701. Discontinued -- see Machinists for Democracy below. Free 701 was 2nd Place Winner in AUD's 2004 best rank-and-file website contest. To see the archived site:
  • Keith Thomas. Website of the longtime IAM reform activist. "to present the perspective of a factory worker on today's issues, and to share my experiences."
  • Machinists for Democracy. "After successfully fighting to end the trusteeship of 701, and after meeting other IAM members with serious complaints about how our union is run, the Committee decided to broaden our horizons. In doing so, we hope to offer IAM members a forum to discuss ways to make our union more democratic and better."
  • Unionists for Democratic Change E-mail News. "The UDC is a caucus of IAM members who are attempting to reform the Machinists Union, a most formidable task indeed."
  • The Whole Can. "When XJT &CAL Flight Attendants need the information, NOW!"
  • You Are the Union -- Take it Back! Web site of the Machinists for Solidarity.


Operating Engineers:

  • Concerned Operator's Unity Party. "The real 98 news."
  • Dave's Dirty Rat Bastards Hunting Club. "founded in 1999. It began as a way to expose the problems within the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 18. It soon became apparent that there were many more Dirty Rat Bastards than just those in Local 18. We now have over 14,000 members world wide."
    Yahoo Group:
  • Dwayne's Unofficial Local 150 Page.
  • Engineers Cut Sheet. "Cutting through the bull to bring you the truth...for Brothers and Sisters of the Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3..."
  • IUOE Watch. "dedicated to the facts as we know them about the workings of the IUOE, the scandals and the scams and whatever good we can find.
  • Local 3 Members for a Democratic Union. "built to help the membership wade through the mire and obtain the truth by reading the documents and reports that relate to that certain issue or issues"
  • Local 18 Members Voice. "Free speech and Democracy is our target."
  • Local 30 Members First. Rank-and-file caucus in Local 30 of the International Union of Operating
  • Local 37 Members Voice. "Members for free speech and democracy in IUOE Local 37."
  • Operating Engineers. A discussion list for the "Rank & File Membership of the IUOE… Together we have a voice and this group is where your input will be acted upon."
  • Team 150. "constructed for you as the new voice for Local 150 members. If you want to take back control of your Local, then continue to watch this site as we ...explain the sad current state of Local 150."
  • Union Driving Wheel. "All is not well in Local 12...Our members speak the word union, not meaning their union, but "the union"... Can we create a better union? We in the Rank and File Caucus say that we can."
  • Unity Slate. "It is the sworn purpose and intention of this unified group to end the divisions of members and reunite Local 30 as a one united union for the advancement of all our sisters and brothers."
  • Woman Operator. "Dedicated to the men and women who work in construction... I am 43 years old and a step mother of four great kids, and 5 grandchildren. I am happily married to a great guy, Gary, and am going to have a long lovely retirement with him, (someday)… I also have three Rottweilers, a Pomeranian, 2 cockatiels and a crazy home life!"


  • District Council 36 Bitch Page. "This page is intended to inform the Membership of the information they have a right to as Members of the [International Union of Painters and Allied Trades]. Too long information has been hidden and the Membership has been discouraged from asking any questions."


  • Airline Workers United. "a network of old and new labor activists in and around the airline industry... The divisions between the workers only serve the interest of management, not the employees. We are not a union seeking to replace other unions. We are an independent, rank-and-file group of activists."
  • APA Pilots Defending the Profession. "We urge you to review all the material on this website, obtain and review information from other sources, and let your elected leaders know your thoughts and views."
    *Third Place in AUD's 2005 best rank-and-file website contest
  • The Loose Cannon. For airline workers.
  • Less Politics.  "an occasional source of information and/or reference on union and other matters... for members of the Independent Association of Continental Pilots."
  • Pilots United. "The unofficial homepage of United Airlines pilots."
  • RJ Defense Coalition. "Ensuring one level of representation."

Pipe Trades:

  • Local 409 Members for Union Democracy. A website for members of UA local 409 working "to promote and restore Union Democracy and Members rights in the UA and local levels, and act as a deterrent against Union corruption..."
  • Local 787 Members for Democracy. A site where members can "voice their concerns about the continued lack of respect for their democratic rights by the Local 787 full time paid officials."
  • Members for Fairness. For all members of Plumbers and Gasfitters local no. 12 [in Boston]. We hope to educate members on the principles of a true democratic labor union.
  • Pipe Trades for a Democratic Union. "To educate, inform and motivate ALL UA pipe trades members...compel...union democracy...eradicate union corruption...and promote the [AUD Draft] Bill of Rights for ALL Building Trades Unionists."
    *First Place in AUD's 2005 best rank-and-file website contest
  • Protecting the Membership. Campaign site for pipefitter Bill Erffemeyer, running for Business Agent in Illinois Local 597.
  • 669 ROADDOGS. Members of Sprinklerfitters Road Local 669.
  • You in Union. By United Members of Local 440 and the committee to "Put the YOU back in Union"... working to unite the members of Local 440 and their families to work together to strengthen our stand on the varying issues that now divide and weaken our solidarity...

Postal Unions:

  • Arkansas Rural Letter Carriers. An unofficial site that features the union constitution, contract and manuals, along with great scenic photos around Eureka Springs by Sara.
  • 21st Century Postal Worker Message Exchange.
  • Chicago Postal Worker.
  • CUPW New Vision. Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers/Syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses des postes. In English and French.
  • The Disgruntled Postal Worker. "...a small Newsletter operating out of the Southern New Jersey Area. Like all Postal Workers we have strong opinions and much too much time on our hands."
  • Lu's News and Views. " The main objective of this site is to share information and news to Postal Employees and American Postal Worker Union Members." Online version of a newsletter put out by Lucille M. Caldwell. 
  • Nebraska Rural Letter Carriers Online. "An unofficial site… to inform and enlighten; encourage and support the rural carriers of the state of Nebraska. Provided are a number of resources to help you resolve problems and find answers for your concerns."
  • Oregon Rural Letter Carriers Online. An unofficial site for rural letter carriers, published by "Sweetie."
  • Postal Blog. For all postal employees, includes several forums.
  • Postal Unions in Need of Repair. Website and message board for discussion of postal union reform.
  • RCIG -- Rural Carrier Information Gateway. "official and non-official web sites, mail lists and forums and the webmasters… Rural Carriers, Relief Carriers of all stripes, and retired Rural Carriers... (I guess you could call us geeks or techno freaks,)... Early in the 1990's we decided it was time to make use of this medium to exchange files and information related to our jobs."
  • REFORM: Rural Employees For Our Rights Movement! "Rural Letter Carriers who have "grown tired of subsidizing inept leadership and have chosen to take back control of our working lives. We are Pro-Union! We are Pro-Labor Movement! WE ARE FED UP!"
  • Women Abused, Inhumanely Mistreated In the US Postal Service. "dedicated to all current and former US Postal labor who live the nightmare of the job from hell."
  • Workers for One Postal Union. "WE ARE ONE WORKFORCE! WE HAVE ONE STRUGGLE! WE NEED ONE UNION! Fight Privatization! -- Workers for One Postal Union (WOPU) ... present here some of the ideas that we believe will help in our struggle.

Public Employee Unions (see also Service Employees):

  • Coalition for Membership Empowerment. "a group of activists interested in changing the direction of our union [PEF in NY]."
  • Real Solidarity. For members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.
  • CWA LOCAL 1034 RANK AND FILE UNION DEMOCRACY COMMITTEE. "members who want to build a stronger Local by enhancing participation and transparency in the operations, decisions and management of CWA Local 1034 in Trenton NJ"
  • Local 2627 Net. An unofficial site for members of AFSCME Local 2627 "for informational purposes only for members by members in order to exercise their right to freedom of speech and their right to be informed of all union matters."
  • New York City Workers for Just and Democratic Unions. "to enhance the knowledge and education of the rank and file members of NYC and Municipal Unions... Educate rank and filers of the importance of having or creating a just and democratic Union...[and] ...create a force by uniting all of the organizations to act and work as one "SOLIDARITY!"
  • The Other Side of SEBA. "intended to give individual Safety Employees Benefit Association members a voice and a forum to share their thoughts, desires, and aspirations for what they want their union to be -- not simply to be told what it is."

Railway Employees:

  • BLE Democratic Vote Council. A set of documents in PDF format pertaining to the attempted merger of the BLE and UTU.
  • Burning Journal. A discussion board for railroad workers, includes a forum on railroad unions.
  • El Paso Express. "...for UTU Local 1571 Members, GO-009 Local Chairman and Secretaries, Texas Legislative Representatives, UTU International Officers, General Chairmen, and UTU Designated Counsel... Any resemblance to actual people is purely intentional, complaints concerning same to be addressed to the Legal Department on a 3 by 5 card not to exceed 10 words (words over two syllables unacceptable). We here at the Express truly love our First Amendment rights and believe "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"!
  • Freedom Rail Forum.
  • IBEW Alternative for S&C. Yahoo Group "a truly open forum where IBEW S&C members can discuss (without fear or threat of banishment) the pros and cons of our current union and employment situation. It will also be a place where we are free to find and discuss alternatives to our current union situation if that is what a member feels we need."
  • Rail Operating Crafts United (ROCU). If the BLET President Donald Hahs and UTU President Paul Thompson cannot provide the kind of leadership that is needed to stand united, then the rank and file must establish a network to build solidarity from the bottom up.
  • ROCU Today // Unity for the Operating Crafts. "a coalition of BLET and UTU members from around the nation who are tired of the costly battles our leaderships have involved us in for years. We want to put an end to those battles and stand united against the carriers. Our goal is to merge the UTU and the BLET under a democratic merger agreement and constitution."
  • Reform It 2004. "This web site is about reconciliation and atonement, to warn others that crimes against the membership cannot and will not be tolerated by the hard working men and women that have and continue to support each other under the banner of the "UTU"."
  • The Reform Party. "A rank and file committee of concerned members of the United Transportation Union that believe in and open and democratic union."
  • Roger Griffeth info. "dedicated to the officers and members of the UTU who have a desire remove corrupt union officers from the administration of our union." Home to Members Against Corruption, Roger Griffith's campaign website, and Reform It 2004.
  • RRESQ Railroad Employee Safety and Quality. "a new organization that aims to combat an increasing tide of fatigue-related health and safety problems afflicting workers on the rails."
  • Snakebites. A print and online newsletter "published by a few union members... Our goal is to have fun and keep you informed and entertained  as well... We’ll blast the carriers, the unions, friends and enemies alike.  We’re not politically correct or any other kind of correct, for that matter."
  • Straight Track. A blog for "intercraft communications for the rails"
  • The E.V. Debs Rail Website RCL Survey. An online survey of railworkers using new Remote Control Locomotives(RCLs)."The study is a part of a factual research project by "rails" for "rails." It has no connection with any railroad, union, supplier of equipment, or government agency. It is simply an exercise in grassroots democracy and communication among us railroaders."
  • Union Pacific San Antonio Service Unit. "to promote and make available information sharing, i.e. networking among the various unions and their members, with the realization that "we are all in this together" as the ultimate goal."
  • UTUBusCaucus. Yahoo Group.
  • United Underground RailRoad. "The UUR was developed in April of 1999 to aid railroad employees in communicating with each other across the country. A Message Board is available for your use. "
  • -- Online Rail Labor Community. "Formerly known as, was established in 1997 as a source for news, discussions, and general information for rail labor through out North America. YardLimits boasts a very active and vocal membership base from every class one railroad in North America."

Seafarers, Mariners, etc.:

Service Employees

  • California State Employees United. "current and retired state employees who have come together to help strengthen the California State Employees Association (CSEA) and its affiliates from within."
  • The Page. "photographs of union activists, and conversations with union activists."
  • CSEA4US: Many Voices, One Union. Another site for members of California State Employees Association.
  • Democracy4SEIU. "We seek a return to transparency, financial accountability, open debate, and one member, one vote self-governance, with term limits for all elected SEIU leaders."
  • Fight for 347. "for the members of Local 347 and all of it's affiliates. We also welcome all of our brothers and sisters in other locals who are being affected by this reorganization, which could jeopardize, our jobs, our benefits, retirements, and livelyhood. "
  • NAGE Members Units1, 3 & 6. "the postings here will be aimed at opening NAGE up to democratic process. NAGE will never become a true democratic union dedicated to the interests of it's members until the "Leaders" (and I use the term loosely, believe me) are held to account by an informed membership...."
  • A New Day in ODOT. "We want a union with staff that are not members of the union and who actually show up at our shops. We want a union that can start to reverse the disastrous, receding tide of corporate unionism. We want a truly member-run union."
  • SEIU Members for Democracy. "committed to strong, democratic unions, empowered members, self-governance with term limits for all elected officers, and true, old style solidarity."
  • SEIU Voice. "created by members of SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW) to provide a source of information to the public about our efforts to get our national union, SEIU, back on the right path.
  • S.M.A.R.T. -- SEIU Member Activists for Reform Today. "an organization of rank-and-file members of SEIU who believe that members are the real source of strength for our Union and the people behind every victory."
  • Who Ya Gonna Recall? "The Midvalley Recall Squad is trying to contact as many SEIU members as possible. It is important that all members learn about the need to recall our elected President, Joe DiNicola."

Sheetmetal Workers

  • Members First: an advocacy group empowering change in Sheet Metal Workers LU #10. "to advocate, organize and educate our union brothers and sisters towards a proactive/progressive new labor movement."


Teachers and Education Staff:

  • Alliance of Concerned Teachers. "a new caucus dedicated to reforming New York City's United Federation of Teachers"
  • ICE-UFT. "The Independent Community of Educators is an opposition caucus within the United Federation of Teachers... an alternative voice for school workers, addressing the deplorable conditions for teaching and learning in New York City, and exploring ways to make the UFT into a stronger and more democratic union."
  • New Action UFT. "the oldest and most responsible "opposition" caucus in the UFT... For years New Action has been organizing and mobilizing the membership to fight and win benefits for UFT members."
  • New York Collective of Radical Educators. "a group of public school educators committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large, by organizing and mobilizing teachers, developing curriculum, and working with community, parent, and student organizations..."
  • Teachers for a Just Contract. "a group of Chapter Leaders, Delegates, chapter UFT Committee members, and rank and filers. For more than ten years, we have been fighting for better contracts and a more militant, democratic UFT. We have leafleted, petitioned, spoken and demonstrated in front of our union's headquarters. Between contract fights, we publish a newsletter, Class Action."
  • The Reverse. A dissident publication for DFSE members. "The DFSE since January 2001 has gone from FORWARD to REVERSE, with unmotivated and poor leadership… You won't hear about this at the local meeting for from your current officers. You can hear it here and tell others."
  • Rich Gibson's Education Page for a Democratic Society. "I believe the purpose of education is to build thoughtful action for social justice, that is, equality and democracy."
  • The Rouge Forum. "a group of educators, students, and parents seeking a democratic society"
  • Teachers Union Reform Network of AFT and NEA Locals. "Promoting in public education and in the union democratic dynamics, fairness, and due process for all.."
  • Union Democracy Caucus. "A Rank and File Organization for the Defense and Promotion of Democratic Process at Camas (WA) Public School Employees."
  • United Action Caucus. "For thirty years, the United Action Caucus has worked to make the American Federation of Teachers a more democratic union and a more effective fighter on behalf of teachers and public education. We have pursued those goals at every AFT convention and among rank and file teachers across the country."
  • United Teachers Party. "All members are entitled to representation by a strong and assertive union and a contract that provides clear cut and concrete protection. When a union does not provide these necessary protections, or becomes ineffective at representing its dues paying members, the members have the right and obligation to reform this union."
  • Unity Caucus. "established in 1962. In every election since that time it has been successful in electing most or all of the UFT leadership. Most of the policies adopted by the Caucus have been approved by the legislative bodies of the UFT and have become Union policy."


  • Buster Brown. "we [at UPS] have a lot more rights than many of us know about. My hope is that we all work together to learn and enforce these rules on a wider scale."
  • Central Pa Teamsters Reform Committee. "As anyone involved with our pension fund knows, answers are VERY hard to come by. This is the way we (CPTRC) got started."
  • Committee to Save GCIU. "We have formed the Committee to Save the GCIU because we cannot allow the merger agreement [with the IBT] that barely squeaked through the General Board on a tie vote broken by President Tedeschi to destroy our union."
  • The Conscience of 294: "a group of UPS-Teamsters from Local 294 who have come together under the banner of change. ...This web site is an attempt to keep the membership informed of what our union is doing, right or wrong."
  • Continental Express Mechanics Teamsters Page. "an effort to promote solidarity and communication..."
  • "union news and views from the Willow Grove Hub"
  • The Darker Side of Brown. "dedicated to al UPSers who have experienced not the clean corporate image...but the private reality those inside see..."
  • DenverBrown. "for UPS drivers in the Denver, Colorado area. It will provide useful information about our jobs at United Parcel Service and our Union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and our local, Teamsters Local 435."
  • Fly on the Wall 911. For members of IBT local 710.
  • Indy Teamsters. "a forum...that allows the sharing of ideas, a consolidated location for information that is accessible to members at all times, and a means of communication. We intend to provided a number of resources here to help you report and resolve problems, suggest improvements and learn about our union."
  • Inside Local 767. "Taking a stand for union democracy...providing information not found on the local's website, such as federally guaranteed rights of union members, the local's financial reports, financial information on both D.R.I.V.E. and the Local 767 political action committee, and the Local 767's by-laws"
  • LaborPower. Site published by a Teamster steward for members of all unions, "to build, strengthen and disseminate our ability as Unionists to improve our pay, hours worked and other conditions of employment."
  • Local 1 Forum. "dedicated to Local 1 Members and other EMS Professionals who need a place to discuss union issues. It is an honor to provide my union brothers and sisters a place on the web to call their own...The two methods below (live chat and on-line forum) are available for all IAEP Members and Union EMS Professionals to share opinions, stories, accolades, and workplace difficulties."
  • Local 734 Information Page. "The advantage of publishing a web page is that you can give yourself a soapbox from which you can express your views or the views of those you agree with, this is mine."
  • Local 743 New Leadership. Website of a slate in Chicago local 743.
  • Local 992 Unity Team. "on behalf of Concerned Local Union 992 Members, searching for a voice not muted by Local Union 992 Leaders"
  • Serafinn Slate of Teamster Local Union #722. "Union Democracy has been stolen from the members of this local. The Serafinn Slate will not rest until the wishes of our members are heard. We will never tire, we will never go away, we will never give up, and we will never stop fighting for the membership."
  • N.A.B.E.R. INC. National Alliance of "Brown" Employees and Retirees INC. "An Organization Formed To Share Information, Promote The Interests, And Assist With The Challenges Of Being A Current Or Former UPS HOURLY Employee."
  • No Pension Freeze. "The Central States Pension Improvement Committee is a group made up of rank and file Teamsters, both current and retired, who are concerned about recent actions by the Central States Pension Fund that jeopardize our retirement." *First Place in AUD's 2004 best rank-and-file website contest
  • Northwest Flight Attendants Mobilization Slate. Former rank and file slate in Teamsters Local 2000, now an independent union. (See for the new union.)
  • RedStar Teamsters Fighting for our Rights. "This is not only a battle for the retention of our jobs and respect it is a fight for the survival of organized labor, as we know it"
  • The Steward. Highly recommended. This site, run by Teamster Chuck Engel, has great links and useful information, amidst the plethora of bells and whistles.
    See also the "Official Unofficial" websites for Joint Council 7, and Locals 70 and 78:;;
  • Teamsters for a Democratic Union. "We are a grassroots organization with chapters from coast to coast in the USA and Canada. We believe in returning this union to membership and we are doing it. We are a democratic organization in which every member has a voice and vote."
  • TDU-SoCal. "the united rank and file movement to reform the Teamsters in Southern CA"
  • Teamster Links. "UR12" (you are one too) is an idiosyncratic little site with a long page of Teamster links, official and unofficial.
  • Teamsters 63. "an Alternative Resource to Mainstream Teamster politics. Our goal is to reveal corruption in the teamsters union, and to help advance the individual rank and file Teamster member to his or her rightful position in this Union."
  • Teamsters Local 399 Unofficial Web Site.
  • Teamsters Local 988 Unofficial Web Site. "to provide Local 988 members with news, information and links on a variety of labor related topics as well as Houston/Harris County area services."
  • Teamsters 2006 Convention Proceedings. "easy to use pdf versions of the daily Proceedings from the 2006 Teamsters Convention...1,786 Delegates should not be the only people in a Union of 1,400,000 Members who have access to this information."
  • TeamsterNet. "An independent rank and file web site developed for the use of Teamster Members and Officials along with those from other Unions and people interested in the Union process."
  • Teamster Retiree Coalition of N.Y. State. ""Consolidating the resources of Teamster Retiree Chapters within N.Y. State to improve and add benefits for the members. Established in 2001 by Gino Arilotta"
  • Texas Teamster Network. "Bridging the communication gap."
  • Tom Leedham strong contracts, good pensions slate. (See also the Hoffa 2006 website at
  • TruckNet Drivers Roundtable. "an environment that Drivers and their families can go to and chat with friends and fellow drivers."
  • United Rank-and-File Slate for Local 89 Executive Board. "working Teamsters just like you who ...believe that Local 89 should be run for the benefit of its members, not just to make union officials rich..."
  • Voice of Boston Local 82 Members. "We need to rid our union of corruption, nepotism, and misrepresentation of our members. We feel that this web site will assist our members in becoming more informed and aid in ridding corruption from Teamsters Local # 82."
  • Watchmen of Local 118. "To protect the integrity of the Teamsters Union as an organization by speaking out and taking a stand against corruption, dishonesty and complacency."
  • Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Improvement Committee. Another website about the movement to fight the cuts to Teamster pensions.

Textile and Needle Trades:

  • Reform 1899. "a democratic movement...[in UNITE Local 1899] that came to be when a couple members decided to find out just how many of us were fed up with what has become "business as usual" in the conduction of our Local and in its dealings with management."

Theatrical and Stage Employees, Screen Actors:

  • Broadway Local 1. "the NY union stagehand site."
  • Coalition for a Democratic Union. A reform group in IATSE local 600. "Where the members speak for themselves."
  • Free Your IA. "We are a union caucus whose intent is to provide a strong rank and file voice while striving for democratic representation for members of IATSE and workers in the entertainment arts as well as allied fields in all matters concerning economic justice, work place safety, training, collective bargaining and to help maintain health, dignity and respect for all who work for a living and their families."
  • An unofficial site "for members of the "IA" to meet and share information, experiences, advice and much more...It is a work very much in progress and will be defined by those who use it."
  • 600 In Focus. "Our Focus is on our Membership and their survival. We want to bring [IATSE] local 600 IN FOCUS."
  • "an unofficial site for members of IATSE local 798."
  • Membership First! "individuals with independent ideas but a strong common bond: we believe that the interests of the membership must come first and the membership must have final authority."
  • Restore Respect. "Our priorities are to fight for more job opportunities for [SAG] members right here at home, to stop the assault on our health benefits and to secure a larger piece of the profit pie that we help to create."
  • SAG Actor Bulletin Board. "Where actors andunion issues collide!"
  • SAG Watchdog. Articles for members of the Screen Actors Guild, brought to you by A.L Miller.
  • Sunlightscience. For IATSE members.
  • Unite 600. Campaign site for a slate in IATSE Local 600.
  • Vote Down the Contract. "Postings and views...regarding the upcoming IATSE Hollywood Basic Agreement...which threatens the future of the camera operator position."

Transit and Transport Workers:

University Faculty and Staff:

  • CUE Power. A caucus of members of the Coalition of University Employees, an independent staff union in the Univerity of California system.
  • My CSUEU opinions. "a blog of my opinions, views, information and perspectives regarding the labor movement in general and our local union, Chapter 307 of CSUEU, the California State University Emplyees Union at SJSU, San Jose State University, San Jose, California."

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Dead Links?
We keep this list of dead/inactive links because:

  • they may just be temporarily offline, (please tell us if they come back!)
  • they may have moved (please send us the new URL!!)
  • they are a record of rank-and-file internet activism. You can use the wayback machine to see the sites as they were. You can contact other activists to find out what became of these sites. "to inform and encourage dialogue between employees on New United Motor Manufacturing" (NUMMI).

UAW Solidarity Coalition. Coalition of reform activists in the United Automobile Workers (UAW)

Your Union. "An independent voice for change in the National Writers Union, UAW 1981."

Bricklayers of Western New York, Members for Union Democracy. "To educate, inform, motivate and organize members into action..."

Members for Members. Another site for members of SEIU 32B-32J, sponsored by steward John P. Barry.

Carpenters and Millwrights for a Democratic Union. "committed to restoring power to the union locals"

Carpenters for a Rank and File Union."a growing group of working carpenters who... have held meetings, sponsored motions, designed hard hat stickers, created and distributed flyers on numerous issues, attended picket lines and rallies, and run candidates for local office... "


Union Carpenters. Includes a map of locals and a message board.

Local 717. "The mission of this [unofficial] website to destroy the communication gap between members of local 717 that exists as a result of the physical, economic, social, and administrative barriers dividing the membership through the creation and mutual participation of forums regarding workplace, union, and other labor issues."

The Brotherhood Team. IBEW Local 26 members "seeking like minded individuals who are seeking guidance or willing to contribute guidance. We are seeking to convince others that there is a definite alternative to the status quo. Our alternative is basically a democratic approach to union politics. Our approach seeks tp protect the very least member of our local from corporate unionism and contractor imperialism."

IBEW Journeyman Wireman Forum. "Created, funded, maintained and staffed by rank & file IBEW Journeymen Wiremen for the express use and / or amusement of IBEW members."

IBEW Rally. A website promoting the "Taking Back Our Union" Rally at the IBEW headquarters in Washington D.C. on April 14th 2003.

One Man, One Vote. A website dedicated to direct election of IBEW officers. Addresses other issues of concern to IBEW members.

One Man, One Vote [the proposal]. "This Amendment will change the method of election for the IBEW International Officers from the current per-capita tax vote by the delegates at the Convention, to a referendum vote by the rank and file members for those offices."

Open Phase Forum. "Our forum on the official Local 34 site was closed down by our Local 34 officers...against the wishes of many members. I hope this [unofficial] site will provide you a place to talk, and to help build a stronger brotherhood, thru open communication."

Rank and File Action Site. "Let's make solidarity our official language." With links, news, and the Live Wire newsletter.

THE UNOFFICIAL Local 3 A City-Division's Membership Page. " to further promote the interests within our labor organization and our members, which is to establish and exploit a genuine culture of "pro-union democracy". We strive to make a difference by educating our brothers, the public, and expanding our reach to the labor movement at large."

IBEW Wiremen Net. A site for members of Local 573 in Warren, Ohio, and other IBEW members.

951 Truth. "created by and for the use of UFCW Local 951 members to present the truth, the undisclosed information that the present Union leadership would not want you to know."

Pernicious Representation. "The Unofficial Site for Members of UFCW Local 15 in Support of Union Democracy."

The Store Floor. "where UFCW (and Teamster) members can get up to date information about their industry, their unions, and how we can build solidarity to bring the union back on the store floor."

Whole Workers Unite! "operated by and for Whole Foods workers committed to improving the working conditions for all of us."

REAP--Reform, Education, Action, People.   International caucus of members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW).

Ross and the Union Boss. "we ...believe in one simple thing...That our Union Leaders have both a professional and moral responsibility in looking out for the best interests of the union members." [UFCW 135]

H.E.R.E. and Now! Local 681 Members for a Strong and Democratic Union

32BJ Yes We Can - Si Se Puede. A site for members of SEIU 32B-32J in the New York metropolitan area.

Annies Newsletter. Homepage of a member of SEIU local 660 in Los Angeles. "These pages contain little bits of my day to day life at home and at work (two distinctly different environments!)."

Caucus for a Democratic Union. "Reforming the California State Employees Association (CSEA), SEIU Local 1000"

Local 888 Members' Democracy Campaign. "working to increase member involvement and member control in all aspects of SEIU Local 888"

Nagemembers. A blog created by NAGE (SEIU) members. "We need to start communicating with each other, in order to clean our union up!"

Members First. "members of SEIU Local 73-HC who have come together to put the Members First in Our Union! Instead of building a stronger union the past two years, we have gone backwards. Too many of our members feel that we have been neglected and that the Union has not been there to fight for us. We believe the only way to make our union democratic, and to build power for members, is to make a change now."

SEIU Members First! "an unofficial caucus of SEIU Local 715 whose members believe that our Union can only be as strong and united as our members, and the strongest union is fully democratic and accountable to the membership."

Longshore Workers Coalition. Website for members of the International Longshoremen's Association. "Our goal is to unite the thousands of individual members into a single, unified and formidable organization for the mutual benefit of all."

Free the ILA Charleston Five. The now out of date website of a campaign to free the International Longshore Association members in Charleston South Carolina who faced felony charges for peaceful picketing.

Coffee Regular. Website for IAM members based in Newark, New Jersey.

Local 18 Members Voice. [IUOE] Members for free speech and democracy.

Recall John Darrah."...careful analysis of the failures of Captain Darrah to follow established APA procedure and protocol... We urge you to become educated on the issues and sign your petition to recall Captain Darrah. APA needs leaders who can lead, but, more importantly, we need leaders we can trust."

ACR Members. "This website is provided by volunteers as a service to all of the Refrigeration Division members of U.A. Local 250c It is the hope of the committee which oversees all information provided on this site that presenting factual information about the current events of our local union will instill in all of the members the desire to participate in the control and future of our local."

Local 7 Members for Democracy.  "Members representing educate, inform, organize, and motivate members into action. The members of Local No. 7 should have control over the business, and destiny of Local No. 7 (of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters)."

New York Independent Plumbers. "a group of Local Union #1 plumbers who meet on a monthly basis...dedicated to the change of our evolving Local Union and the benefit of our members."

Tommy Preuett. "In addition to a change in our Union leadership, we need some structural changes so that our talented personnel can best represent the members. Although many of you are aware of my positions, I want to start identifying particular areas of concern that you may have as members and provide a forum for views on them."

Red Wrench. "The Plumbers Club of NYC Election Committee's Web site! ...We are a dedicated group of plumbers who stand up for the right of our membership to have a voice in our Local Union [local 1 of the UA]."

Trade Talk. "Administrated by Pipefitters/Plumbers for all Skilled Trades People"

UA Democracy. Members of the pipetrades are concerned about the future stability of the United Association and their respective local's future within the organization. This will be our cry; "One Member One Vote!", and placing control of our unions back into the member's hands is our goal!

Go Postal! "The only place to "go postal" safely...for all USPS employees… Tell us about people, equipment, working environment, personalities, etc. Give us examples. Be creative with your whining. We don't need debates, profanity, name calling or self-serving gossip... We want FACTS." Features a state-by-state gripe page.

The Unofficial Georgia Rural Letter Carriers Site. "an informational page... to educate and inform members and non-members alike on issues that effect these employees."

James' Views. by James Chiang, Clerk Craft Director, SWCAL, APWU

MEBA United. "United and fraternal members dedicated and committed to establishing and maintaining integrity and honor among their union brothers and sisters."

A Rural Carrier Information Gateway site, linked to the RCIG site.

Bridge and Tunnel Officers United. A site for New York City Bridge and Tunnel Officers.

HCJFS Strike Information Site. "[AFSCME] Local 1768 Members for a Democratic Union...committed to building a stronger, effective, open and democratic union."

Members Rights. A site for members of the National Treasury Employees Union in California.

The Members' Voice. For members of the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association.

Labor Speaks. "The "New Bill Purdy" Website, proudly provided to all working men and women in honor of those brave workers who came before us."

Education Notes. a newsletter "for NYC parents and teachers" that addresses issues of concern to members of the United Federation of Teachers.

United Action. "A coalition of UTLA members, chapters chairs, Board of Directors members, and Area Chairs running a slate in the next UTLA election..."

Teamsters 174 Rank and File Power. "Knowledge is power but you need to start with the correct information -- not slick PR and propaganda. So please take your time, look around, ask questions, and take what you learn back to your shop floor."

Local "Knowledge is Power and we at empower all our members to hold our Local E-Board accountable to the membership."

The Road Drivers Organization. "an association of Teamster Drivers thru out the United States and Canada." See especially the National Master Freight Agreement (NMFA) Library with contract language from all over the US.

TWU Members First " a slate to give Local 100 members -- and democracy -- a chance...

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